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Tenuta La Fratta

«I came to, what I was told to be, the most classic Tuscan of farmhouses. After a stay of three days, I left with the belief that La Fratta is Tuscany».

It was not by chance that an English traveller, in the first half of the 19th century, appraised his stay at Tenuta La Fratta with these words. In fact, not only the location, records of which date back to 1200, but also the activities and experiences, that you live on this estate, make for a cordial stay in the Tuscan countryside, a special opportunity for enjoyment and to know something of farming culture and the breeding of typical Tuscan cattle. The Tenuta La Fratta is located in the historic Val d’Orcia, valleys distinguished by ancient medieval villages and beautiful rural landscapes, where for years fruits typical of this land have been cultivated, and the most prestigious cattle breeds has been raised; the Chianina.

In fact, the farm of Fratta was one of three businesses chosen for the formation of the first nuclei selection of the Chianina. The first progenitor bull was Dragon 77, born on the 6 April 1933; a descendant from Trento, one of the most famous Chianina bulls. In 1934, Tenuta La Fratta gained, by Royal Decree, the title of nucleus of selection, and was registrated in the Chianina breed stud book. This sanctioned a double-strain tie with La Fratta and the most Tuscan of the breeds. Outside of historical reasons, the Tenuta La Fratta has continued to rear the Chianina breed; because the meat they produce: rustic, flavorsome, and marbled with just the right amount of fat, has no equal in the world for quality. Everyone who strenuously defends the philosophy of short chain: from the fields, where the organic fodder for the animals is produced, to weaning the calves, rearing of the heads, and the butchering, up to the tasting and marketing; with every phase of production being accurately controlled.

Botteghe D’Italia offers you the chance to immerse yourself in the Tuscan culture, in the round; being guided, via the walls of the ancient peasant farmers’ houses, where local specialities are produced, of honey, organic farms, and the noble Chianina meat;working with your own hands, cheeses and breads, savoring the fruits of immeasurable experience and the highest quality.

Besides being a beautiful farmhouse, tastefully furnished, the estate has: a characteristic frescoed church, stables, two traditional restaurants, a large pool and a shop that offers the best regional specialities, made entirely from prime, genuine products from the Tenuta, and organic meat from their own Chianina farms, free of preservatives or additives.

Also the Tenuta la Fratta has indoor and outdoor spaces, ideal for weddings and events, such as the festival “Valdichiana in Concert”, which, for several years, has found its ideal location in the Tenuta, and where internationally famous artists and performers, exhibit and put on concerts ‘En Plein Air’; leaving an unforgettable impression, in enchanted places, under the stars of Valdichiana.

We love that we can say that the Japanese Royal family is one of the Tenuta La Fratta’s most loyal guests, and that they choose to stay in a place so quaint and authentically Tuscan, and that they’re interested in the rearing of Chianina cattle, so characteristic of the area, makes all the inhabitants of the region proud.

How do you reach us? No problem! Wherever you are staying during your visit to Tuscany, a guide will pick you up and take you to the Tenuta, where you can discover authentic Tuscan peasant life: visiting interesting places, experiencing the culture, sampling products that this very land offers, and tasting a sensational Chianina steak, of ‘Zero Kilometres. Don’t hesitate to tell us what you are interested in, and we shall arrange a tailor-made tour for you!