Botteghe d’Italia EN_US

Who are we?

Botteghe D’Italia aims to show to the world selected Italian artisan realities. Excellence expresses itself not only in the finished product but it’s the result of an accurate manufacturing process, which arises from the fascination for unique creations and which develops thanks to its careful handmade production.

What we offer?

Botteghe D’Italia Excellence offers touristic-didactic tours in order to bring people to get to the heart of the regional Italian handmade tradition. Botteghe D’Italia Excellence involves people in discovering the typical artisan food and wine production and its traditional essence.

Travel with us! You will be guided into the world of the Italian. You will discover the authentic ‘Made in Italy’!

Our Tours
Tenuta Lamborghini
Stay in the historic estate what carries the name and tells the story of Ferruccio Lamborghini.
Tenuta La Fratta
Enter the heart of farming culture Tuscany and savor the taste!
Discover the history and taste the real fragrance of the saffron.