In the picturesque Tuscan countryside among cypress trees, vines and olive trees live “The Natali”; this was the name by which, the family to whom belonged Joseph (the grandfather), the great-grandfather Francesco and its forefather Natale, was known. It was from the ancestor’s name: Natale, that derived the name used to identify, in Arezzo’s countryside, the Lisi family of Tregozzano. (they are Natale’s relatives). A family of farmers who for generations has produced wine, olive oil and vegetables with care and love for nature and for its fruits, offering genuine products and excellent quality. The passion for the countryside, the desire to rediscover the values and flavors of the peasant tradition pushed Eleonora to follow the example of her grandparents and to re-evaluate and appreciate, despite her young age, her family history. Making treasure of some tales, traditions and of some family’s “secrets”, passed down from generation to generation, she wanted to give, with her uncles, Giuliana and Roberto, a new mark and a new impulse to her family farm, focusing on tradition but at the same time on cutting-edge production models, in a few words, she desires her family farm to be innovative.

From the grapes, which have been a central family production ever since, the farm has come up with a new product, a challenge of high quality, something really particular. The idea of producing a natural vinegar, with balsamic characteristics that could elevate the smells and flavors of the grapes and wines of the Chianti hills, giving it complexity and balance, harmony and pleasure, exploiting the properties that the fermentation course impress to grape’s juice and wine, seemed to be immediately successful and in line with the background of the family. Today “Natali”, would be proud of the commitment and of the results of his descendants. From the vineyards of the Chianti area are handpicked Sangiovese grapes, they are of short bunches and of right state of ripening, healthy and flawless in order to preserve the integrity so that they can enhance the characteristics and peculiarities of sugars and natural acids. The vinification and the fermentations, basic for obtaining a quality vinegar, are constantly controlled and managed in a natural way and without the use of additive or preservative, thus the goal of obtaining a product of absolutely natural quality.

Botteghe D’Italia will lead you to the discovery of very excellent Tuscan product, a vinegar made by Sangiovese grapes and certificated Chianti. We will guide you to the heart of the production of an excellent, 100% Made in Tuscany product.